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Elementary Open Houses Set for Aug. 22

Elementary School Open Houses:
All Elementary Schools will have their open houses Aug. 22. Families are asked to attend at each building during time slots assigned by the first letter of their last name as follows:

Construction Projects Provide Opportunity for Learning

Page students have been watching construction projects near their school all year. They’ve seen the new Learning Center take shape on ground just south of their school and more recently have watched as excavators and bulldozers began preparing ground just west of their school for the new tennis courts.

Page Battle of the Books Overall Champion Crowned

With dramatic “Survivor” music playing in the background, 18 Page Elementary classroom champions stepped up the microphone on the high school auditorium stage. In front of all their classmates and some family members, the contestants answered detailed questions about books they read.

Teens Deliver Strong Message to Younger Students

One by one, Page Elementary fourth-graders used their gloved hand to feel a blackened pig’s lung and watch as a high school student inflated the lung using a foot pump. One side of the lung plumped easily while the other side was used to show the effects of tobacco on the lungs.

Page Penny War Honors Reading Enthusiast

Battle of the Books is on again this year at Page Elementary, but without the guiding hand and thoughtful questions from the person who passionately introduced and organized the program at Page more than 10 years ago.

Grant for Flexible Seating Gives Students Choices

Fourth-grade students in Nikki Witt’s class can wiggle and bounce, twist and rock while they work on their lessons. It is thanks in large part to a grant this year from Thornapple Area Enrichment Foundation for flexible seating options.

Page Students Research Native American Tribes

A history project gave Page fifth-graders a better understanding of some of the Native American tribes, how they lived, what they ate, their religion and beliefs, clothing, art and the different roles within the tribe.
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