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Millionaire Math Teaches Life Lessons

What would you buy if you won a million dollars? How much would you spend? Would you have enough for all your needs? Those are questions posed to Teresa Michalski’s fifth-grade students in a fun math project that gives them each a million dollars to spend – but there is a laundry list of required expenditures.

Creativity Comes Alive in Elementary Classroom

The Titanic, a basketball hoop and ball, a fox and a football, a water ride at Disney World, a castle and a flower. It’s incredible what fourth-grade students can create using their imaginations, a little ingenuity and some building materials.

We Have Liftoff!

With squeals of excitement, Page fifth-graders covered their eyes looking up to the sky tracking the flight paths of their rockets. Some ran for cover as the rockets fell back to the ground – bouncing off the pavement, crashing down through the limbs of a tree or even landing on the roof of the school.

Principal Runs the Extra Miles to Honor Student Achievements

Page Elementary Principal Gregg Bruno laced up his running shoes, put on his yellow reflective vest and set out on a morning run Friday. It’s nothing unusual for the man who runs 4 to 8 miles daily during the week and 10 to 16 miles a day on weekends.

Page Librarian: “This is the Best Gig”

Diane Knight used to avoid going to a library whenever she could – so much so that her high school English teacher had to walk her to the library one day to make sure she actually went in. Hard to believe since she’s made the Page Elementary library her “home” since 1988.
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