Page Elementary

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Fruit with families is always a great way to start the day.
Friends have a great time at the walk-a-thon.
A younger Page students looks up to older students at homecoming.
A representative from Middleville Tool and Die shows students his engineering work done on his computer.
Page students get a closer look at some welding tools during the career fair.
Page staff enjoy Battle of the Buildings.
Page staff get some book learning about basketball moves before their game.
This group of Page students enjoyed their ice cream sundaes.
Students watch as Dr. Courts inflates a pigs' lung.
Page Principal Mike Gelmi has  some fun at the Battle of the Buildings.
Page students enjoy ice cream from their handmade bowls.
Students loved the bubble machine at the Walk-a-Thon.
Students enjoy ice cream out of the homemade bowls.
TK Trojan mascot gives high-fives to students during the Walk-a-Thon.

TK News

Star Fleet To Mission Control: Egg Incoming!

Page students tackle engineering tasks at Star Base.

At STARBASE Battle Creek, located on the Air National Guard Base, the four-girl team of Page Elementary fifth-graders knew the landing was a one-shot event. Survival with bruises, bumps and cracks was okay, but oozing any kind of liquid -- not so much.

Page Spelling Bee Winners Crowned

Kenzee Knight and Andres Ruiz take top honors in the Page Elementary spelling bee.

Kenzee Knight is the Page Elementary School spelling bee champion and Andres Ruiz is the runner-up after a hotly-contested spell-off. The two will represent Page at the regional spelling bee in Caledonia Feb. 27.

Elementary Spanish Class to Start In January

Kenzee Knight is covered with stickers labeling her body parts in Spanish.

Kenzee Knight was covered with stickers labeling her eyes, ears, mouth, hair, chin, face in Spanish. "I like Spanish and I wanted to learn more," said Knight one of the 17 students who completed a four-week community enrichment Spanish course.

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