Page Elementary

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Friends on the playground at Page.
Page students show they are TK Strong!
Page students enjoy popsicles on the playground.
Page students like to climb on the playground.
Superintendent Rob Blitchok greets students at Page.
Students work on their blogs.
Page students enjoy climbing and playing on the playground.
School resource officer Jeff Nieuwehuis shares popsicles with students.
Page students enjoy climbing on the playground.
These Page students are ready for some football.
Page students enjoy free time on the playground.
This student is ready for homecoming with his TK spirit showing.

TK News

Fifth Graders Get Head Start on Career Exploration

Dr. Jayne Courts shows students how the lungs and heart of a pig work.

From the time they enter school, students are often asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" With the help of some professionals who volunteered their time, Page fifth graders got a glimpse into what certain careers might look like, what education is needed, and how students can pursue their goals.

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