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A student builds a replica of the Titanic in Mrs. Kammeraad's 4th-grade class.

Creativity Comes Alive in Elementary Classroom

The Titanic, a basketball hoop and ball, a fox and a football, a water ride at Disney World, a castle and a flower. It’s incredible what fourth-grade students can create using their imaginations, a little ingenuity and some building materials.


A message from Page Principal Gregg Bruno

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Welcome to Page Elementary School!
Our school, filled with fourth and fifth graders, is encouraging, nurturing, and a great place for students to learn. We want all our students to feel safe and welcomed into the TK family. As students embark on their last years at the elementary level, they'll develop independence, critical thinking, working in small groups, and creating projects. Through our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, we celebrate success and positive behaviors to build a safe and caring environment for all. We reinforce positive character traits and prepare students emotionally, socially, and academically for middle school.
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