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Page students enjoy ice cream from their handmade bowls.
This group of Page students enjoyed their ice cream sundaes.
Students take a hands-on approach to science lessons.
TATU members share lessons about dangers of tobacco use.
Page staff get some book learning about basketball moves before their game.
TK Trojan mascot gives high-fives to students during the Walk-a-Thon.
Page staff enjoy Battle of the Buildings.
Students learn about transfer of energy.
Students watch as Dr. Courts inflates a pigs' lung.
Fruit with families is always a great way to start the day.
A younger Page students looks up to older students at homecoming.
Students loved the bubble machine at the Walk-a-Thon.


Page Open House
Date: 8/20/2018, 4 PM 6 PM
First day of 2018-19 School Year
Date: 8/21/2018
Half Day of School
Date: 8/24/2018
No School - Labor Day
Date: 8/31/2018
No School - Labor Day
Date: 9/3/2018

TK News

Page Elementary Suggested Supply List

Here are some suggested supplies for students this year. Teachers may have their own specific requests they will share in their letters to students.

Suggested Supplies:
Earbuds or personal headphones (These can be found at the Dollar Store, etc.)
At least 1 Highlighter
Pencils (already sharpened, if possible)
12-inch ruler
One set of coloring utensils (markers, or colored pencils)
2 Dry erase markers and an eraser (clean sock or cloth works great)
1 Pair of scissors
2 Glue sticks
2 Packs of sticky notes

To share in the classroom:
2 Boxes of tissues to share with the class
Disinfecting wipes for the classroom

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