3Doodle Pens Let Students' Creativity Flow

It didn't take long before students figured out how to use the pens to create 3D shapes, letters and designs. A little more practice and each student created their own 3Doodle ring to wear home.

Sikkema said the concept is similar to a 3D printer allowing students to physically make their own creations as a 3D piece. The pens operate similarly to a hot glue gun melting colored pieces of plastic that are then shaped into projects. Hardening almost instantly, the designs become a form of 3D art.

"The main goal is to allow students to create, build and be imaginative," said Sikkema.

Seeing the pens in use in another district, Sikkema said she was excited about the possibility of bringing them into her classroom.

In addition to inspiring creativity, the doodle pens can be used to help students visualize shapes and angles in geometry lessons or to re-create historical structures in a history lesson.

Sikkema said there are many ways the pens can easily be applied to different lessons. "It's hands-on and it's a way to encourage creativity and learning."