Students Eat Out of Their Own Dishes

“It’s great,” he said as he admired his bowl, checking to make sure it wasn’t leaking and while licking the ice cream off his spoon.

Page Elementary students culminated a two-month art project of creating their own ceramic bowls with an ice cream party this week. Ice cream is always a special treat, but eating it out of their own bowls made it all the sweeter.

Some piled their bowls high with all kinds of colorful sprinkles, cookies, and whipped cream. Others took a safer route making sure their bowls didn’t leak first by testing just a small amount of ice cream initially.

Art teacher Kathy Bailey said the project takes several weeks in order for students to first create their bowls from clay, have the bowls dry, and then fired. After that, the bowls were glazed then fired again for a final product.

Students were encouraged to be creative and make their bowls unique. Some added figures to the outside of the bowl like Ian Cappon’s deer with antlers or Willow Tuffs’ owl face.