Students Explore Careers at Annual Career Fair

Several community members spent time demonstrating their jobs, talking to students about their responsibilities and what a typical day might be like, sharing tools used on their jobs, and talking to students about the education needed to obtain those jobs.

This year's career fair brought in speakers for two afternoons. Students then chose three sessions each afternoon to attend.

Some liked Dr. Jayne Courts who showed them how lungs work by blowing air through a straw to inflate pig lungs. Others were fascinated by Jean Wisniewski of After Effects Salon and how she colored to hair. Still others couldn't stop talking about Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf and his deputies who displayed Tasers, handcuffs and other police equipment.

In Bob Middleton's presentation on engineering from Middleville Tool and Die, students were challenged to create towers using spaghetti strands and marshmallows. Barry County District Court Judge Mike Schipper created a mock trial scene in his presentation using students as lawyers, witnesses and jury members.

No matter which career students selected, the goal of the program was to give them a glimpse into possible careers for the future and start them thinking about their goals and what is needed to achieve those goals.

Other presenters at this year's event were Cade Dammen a project manager with Owen-Ames-Kimball construction; Sarah Flessner, a Spectrum Health dietician; Pamela Livermore, a wound care nurse at Spectrum Health; Tami Barnes, a senior staffing and training specialist for Viking Corporation; Eric Daniels a firefighter paramedic with the Thornapple Township Emergency Services; Lindsay Vertalka a physical therapist with First Rehab; Don Williamson, an artist; Matthew Dykstra, an environmentalist with Pierce Cedar Creek; Jake Bauer, a welder with Holland Brewing; and Lydia Feuerstein, a restaurant manager with Brann's of Caledonia.