Grant for Flexible Seating Gives Students Choices

“They (students) are able to move their bodies more so they can focus their minds. They need movement and these different kinds of seats allow them to move while still doing their work or listening to lessons,” said Witt.

The $450 grant allowed her to purchase some different types of seating options. Students have choices and they rotate seats every few weeks, giving everyone a chance to try different options. The flexible seating options include large exercise balls in solid bases, a chair that allows rocking back and forth,  options that offer a small bounce, and chairs that sit low on the ground. There are also standard desk chairs available for students who prefer that as an option as well.

Witt says she makes sure students who need a specific type of seat are allowed that option.

Zaydee Brautigam said she prefers the exercise ball seat. “I can bounce a little while I sit on it. I like to be able to move a little.”

Jack Syswerda said he also likes the exercise ball seats that allow him to slightly roll back and forth while working. “It’s my favorite because I can move while I’m working.”

Austin Quint was perched on a stool that looked like a giant spring under the seat. “I like it. It helps me concentrate better when I can move.”

Witt says she likes having a variety of options for students so they can have a little more say in what’s comfortable for them. “Having the ability to move is really huge for them and helps them with their concentration,” said Witt. “My students and I really appreciate this opportunity.”