Principal Starts “TK Strong Call of the Day”

“I tell parents right away when they answer the phone they are getting the call because of good news,” said Bruno. Then he and the student will let parents know the positive actions and behaviors displayed ad the reason for being selected for the TK Strong Call of the Day.

He said it’s a way of recognizing kids for all the positive things they do. “We want to shout out the positives so loud,” he said.

Bruno, who is staring his first year as principal at Page, said there is never too much positive news shared and he just wants to make sure parents know their student is making good choices and showing positive behaviors.

Teachers and staff members can nominate a student. Bruno said he plans to make it a daily event all year.

Here's today's TK Strong Call of the Day  and look for them every day  - or nearly every day - on our TK Facebook Page.

During recess today, Mrs. Michalski noticed the kickball game getting a little heated regarding whether someone was out or not. In order to help resolve the situation, this student went over and carefully read through the rules so that the game could continue. He demonstrated WICKED RAD leadership qualities!!!