Three TK OM Teams Advance to World Finals

Ten TK teams competed Saturday in the state finals hosted at TK.  Two other teams narrowly missed advancing to the worlds with third place finishes. Only the top two teams in each division advance.

The Page Elementary team advancing to the world finals is made up of team members Oliver Lietz, Erik Cove, Gracen Rabley, Elise DeBoer, Israel Sherk, Carter Curtis, Luke Archer. The team ended up in a three-way second-place tie in their division qualifying for advancement to the world finals.

The Page team of Ella Fischer, Charlotte Crampton, Mallory Rosenberg, Avery Hagemann, Jenna Robinett, Miles Chambers and Alex Evans placed fourth. The third team from Page did not place in the top six. Team members are Emma Reaser, Ellie Baranek, Katie Flierman, Keeghan Simerly, Madalyn Eggers, Loganne Norton and Travis Grabemeyer.

The TKHS team made up of Jacob Maring, Emma Chapman, Grace Densham, Zane Walters, Clair Jansma, Anna Miller and Wyatt Crampton, not only placed first in their division, they also won the coveted Ranatra Fusca Award for creativity. In addition, Crampton was awarded one of the four OM scholarships.

In making the announcement of the Ranatra Fusca Award, OM officials said they believed this was the first time a team was nominated by both the spontaneous problem judges as well as the long-term problem judges.

The team also won the Ranatra Fusca Award at the regional event. The award is presented to an outstanding team presenting exceptional creativity. It is the most coveted of all OM awards and is given out based on nominations by the judges.

The middle school team also placed first in their division and is advancing to the world finals. The team is made up of team members Lee Marentette, Rachel Shoemaker, Sierra Morton, Zach Maring, Kate Baldry, Natalie Alden.

The high school team narrowly missed the world finals but receiving third-place medals. Team members are Aubrey Evans, Christel Hoskins, Kelly Gasser, Brendan Carlson, Michael Brown and Ellie Essenberg.

Also receiving third-place medals was the third-place middle school team of Shelby Robinett, Marian Gielincki, Billie DeWent, Whitney Ruger, Cash Rabley, Mallory Hagemann, Travis Barton.

The middle school team made up of Aleese Lambert, Keely Lambert, Cole Boysen, Mallory Syren, Graysen Stahle placed fourth in the state finals.

Another middle school team also placed earning a fifth-place rating. The team members are Audrey Guikema, Shelby Madole, Masyn Hiemstra, Avrey Hicswa, Nancy Raab, Libby Hess, Emma Thompson.

One team from the middle school and one team from Page did not place in the top six in their very competitive divisions at the state finals.

The world finals will be at Michigan State University in East Lansing May 22-25.

TK has hosted the state finals for several years and it wouldn't be possible without the support of TK administrators, support staff, custodians, dining service, and the many volunteers.