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Page Spelling Champion Crowned

Max Knowles won the Page Elementary School spelling bee with Camden Peter earning the runner up title. Eighteen spellers from all the fourth and fifth-grade classrooms competed Thursday in the school-wide finals. It wasn't until the 12th round when Peter stumbled on the word "sepia." Knowles went on to correctly spell his 12th round word "clavicle" and then the winning word "lustrous" to claim the title. Both Knowles and Peter will represent Page Elementary at a regional spelling bee.
Other classroom winners making it to the finals were Jackson Conkle, Myles Chambers, Kayley King, Landon Kostelec, Kenzee Knight, Koby Wilkerson, Isla Johnson, Tealy Cross, Jenna Robinett, Molly Alden, Adam McLaughlin, Sidney Ripley, Annabelle Pennington, Meghan Skidmore, Emma Johnson, and Lucy Kamps.
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Students Focus on Gratitude and Respect

With the upcoming holiday season, Page students are being reminded to think about the character traits of gratitude for all they have and respect for others who may face difficult or stressful times during the holidays or who may celebrate in different ways.
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Fifth Graders Get Head Start on Career Exploration

From the time they enter school, students are often asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" With the help of some professionals who volunteered their time, Page fifth graders got a glimpse into what certain careers might look like, what education is needed, and how students can pursue their goals.
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Page Elementary Suggested Supply List

Here are some suggested supplies for students this year. Teachers may have their own specific requests they will share in their letters to students.

Suggested Supplies:
Earbuds or personal headphones (These can be found at the Dollar Store, etc.)
At least 1 Highlighter
Pencils (already sharpened, if possible)
12-inch ruler
One set of coloring utensils (markers, or colored pencils)
2 Dry erase markers and an eraser (clean sock or cloth works great)
1 Pair of scissors
2 Glue sticks
2 Packs of sticky notes

To share in the classroom:
2 Boxes of tissues to share with the class
Disinfecting wipes for the classroom
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Something "Fishy" in 5th-Grade Lesson

Something fishy happens every year in Curt Wissink's Page Elementary classroom and students say it's a lesson they'll never forget. As the salmon Page Elementary fifth-graders raised for months were released into the waters of the Grand River near Lowell, students paid special attention watching the fish swam into the river for the first time and wondering how many would come back to the same river for spawning some day.
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